Oct. 7th, 2010

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From the age of nine until I graduated from college, I sang in one choir or another. I had a particularly good high school choral experience the unfortunately ruined me for everything that came after. My collegiate choir was pretty meh, a fact I was reminded of this past weekend while listening to recordings from my four year stint in their ranks, and I haven't sung in an organized group since. One of the questions people who haven't seen me in a while ask these days is "Are you singing anywhere?" No, I'm not, and this past weekend I think I realized why that is. It's not just that I'm uninterested in the local choirs available to me here, it's also that I'm no longer a soprano. Soprano is not only the section in which I feel most comfortable and secure, it's also the harmonic bit of classical music I enjoy the most. Additionally, I'm not musically gifted enough to sing alto.

So I will just have to appease my inner choral groupie by listening to classical choral music performed by others. Last year I think I talked a bit about Stile Antico and their album Song of Songs and so that's who I choose to offer today. This is a rendition of Song of Songs chapter 7, verses 11-12 composed by Orlande de Lassus and performed by the mixed chorus known as Stile Antico.

"Veni, dilecte mi" by Stile Antico
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Additionally, thank you [personal profile] dissonant_dream for the yorkie. ♥


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