Oct. 11th, 2010

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My song choice tonight is in honor of National Coming Out Day (stateside, I think the Brits get it tomorrow). I've only experienced one true coming out moment in my life--the high school friend I mentioned in an earlier post--everyone else in my life who is gay always just...was. In terms of my uncle, some of the cousins, and my sister, there was never a big announcement, it was just understood. Part of this stemmed, I think, from location as both of my parents were born and raised in the midwest. I don't think my uncle has ever taken his partner of 25+ years back to Iowa. Otherwise, with classmates and friends and such it was something felt instinctively or mentioned in an off-hand way--"Did you hear that Jay came out?"--that sort of thing.

I've had fantasies about coming out as bisexual to my office because most of the people I work with need a swift kick in the balls when it comes to talking about/dealing with non-heteros. What's stopping me is that it feels a bit dishonest; while I find both men and women sexually attractive and have harbored crushes on both sexes, I hesitate to label myself concretely. I think sexuality and affection are nebulous and everyone has their own level of ambiguity, or sway, if you will. Wouldn't it be nice if someday in the future we could just stop obsessing about these labels and just let love be love?

Anyway, the song I chose for tonight is the Catie Curtis' "Radical." This particular version comes from the Kink Live Five CD. I think Kink FM stopped making these live discs, which is a damn shame because they were really something else.

"Radical" by Catie Curtis
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