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Happy Rally to Restore Sanity Day! Although I am unable to be in Washington this weekend to lend my indoor voice to the proceedings, I can dedicate today's OSaD to the occasion.

The song for today is the only song I know of that's been written about Stephen Colbert. It is so damn catchy you'll find yourself singing it, oh, pretty much all the time.

"Stephen Stephen" by The Apples in Stereo
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In less awesome news, with all my standing around on concrete at work and long-walk taking from yesterday, I seem to have messed up my left knee badly enough that I'm having big trouble going up and down stairs. :( It would be funny if it didn't hurt so much. No running for me today, I see.

Finally, I want to write a review about last night's episode of Supernatural (which was significantly better than 6x05), but I don't have the time. Maybe tomorrow.
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The last Supernatural-ly themed OSaD post. I really love the dusty/dirty sound of M.Ward's early albums, and this has been a Sam Winchester song for me since season four. It feels particularly apt this season.

"Right in the Head" by M.Ward
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I wanted something a little mellow tonight, so let me introduce you to Sasha Dobson if you are not already familiar. If you like folks such as Leona Naess or Toby Prettyman, or even if you just like your pop music with a warm, jazzy edge, you'll probably like Sasha. Her Modern Romance album was just what I needed to relax this afternoon.

"Modern Romance"
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Happy Winchester Day, everyone! 10 minutes.....
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I'm combining my entries tonight, for sleeps sake.

Song of the day is Hole's "Celebrity Skin" from the 1998 album of the same name. I was obsessed with this cd for a few months in high school, probably because in my brain I equated it with BtVS. *shrug* I chose it for the song of the day because "CElebrity Skin" was the original title for SPN 5x05, and I really really really think they should've stuck with it, and not only because it's sung by another questionably talented trashy blond. I think the title fits better with the actual themes of the episode and the "monster of the week."

"Celebrity Skin"
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In terms of the episode itself, cut for spoilers )

Possibly going to Wordstock with [info - personal] chlorate on Saturday, which would be awesome. In other news, my knees are still aching like you wouldn't believe. It became difficult to walk by the time I got home tonight, and driving was slightly torturous. Eeesh. Okay, bedtime.


Sep. 22nd, 2009 12:18 pm
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I feel like something needs to be cleared up, hence, public post.

I've seen a lot of anger online about Misha Collins' inclusion as a series regular in Supernatural. A lot of this anger seems to be based on why he and not Jim Beaver (who has been on the show off and on since s.1) has been elevated beyond Guest Star.

At the Vancouver convention, Jim told us that he was offered series regular status, with both the job security and the financial benefits that would entail. Unfortunately, it would have basically necessitated his moving to Canada, and he didn't want to disrupt the life of his daughter, Maddie, and so he declined.

Misha has not been promoted in place of Jim Beaver. Let's move on, kids.
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A few days ago I posted my new computer wallpaper which was inspired by this song. It's my SPN song of the moment, and so it felt fitting to use it for the song of the day.

If you like Nina Nastasia, Bright Eyes, and/or Tristan Prettyman, and the Weepies, you'll probably like Laura Marling. I have the sneaky suspicion that she's a "myspace artist," but I don't care.

"Night Terror" by Laura Marling

Okay, and bonus.

"Ghosts" by Laura Marling
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"Ooh La La" by the Ditty Bops today in honor of SPN 4x03. For no particular reason this song has been my Mary Winchester song since forever. I can't explain why. It just is.

"Ooh La La" by The Ditty Bops

Blah, Sundays.
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Got home from Ashland about two hours ago. Headachy and tired.

The song for the day is "Leave Our Boyfriends" by Leona Naess. It's off her new album Thirteens. I've been listening to Leona for quite awhile now. She was a big part of my college years. This particular song appeals to the terminally single part of me. :) I like the message.

"Leave Our Boyfriends" by Leona Naess

Also, television from last night.

Likes: 4x03
Dislikes: Sarah Palin


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