Yar. Is.

Dec. 13th, 2008 01:13 pm
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Yaris Yaris Yaris Yaris Yaris Yaris Yaris ♥♥♥

I want to buy it and name it Jay. *clappy hands*

My father is still pushing for the ugly focus of doom. He will lose.

Today Mum & I must go shopping for his birthday, and I must finish up my holiday cards. Tonight I shall bake another batch of crackles and then watch Leverage ep.2 and the Supernatural Christmas episode when I return from tea & tunes with Bergie-face. And I must get some more writing done as well. Lots of musts.

I feel infinitely better about the Yaris than I do the Focus. At this point, I'd say it's pretty much a done deal.
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I am in the process of buying a new car. Big Red, whom I've had since 2000, is now 13 years old and would require at least $2,000 worth of work to keep from killing me in a fiery ball of death, so I figured that I have about 15 grand in savings, I should probably buy a car. We looked at used cars, but the ones we were inclined towards were about $11,000 and really, if I'm going to be spending that kind of money I might as well get a new car.

We've had our Ford Focus now for about seven years, and it's been a really good little car. At first I was extremely excited about the 2009 Focus sedans. I wanted to get it in black with black upholstery. Yum.

So they brought one in for us and we went down to test drive. I kind of fell in love with the outside of it. It's a very sleek little car. And then. Then I got inside.

What the shit is THIS!?! )

I'm not entirely satisfied, but I'm also trying to devise a way to create my own "face-plate" to cover that atrocious dash. Ok, I'm done talking about this now.

In somewhat related news, my folks and I went to KMart after dinner tonight to buy a bike for the Vina Moses giving tree. A nice young man helped us pick out a bike and told us to take it to Customer Service because we might be able to get a discount because it was going to charity. so we take the bike up to customer service, where the woman behind the desk pointedly ignores us until we say "excuse me," and explain what the young man had told us.

"Nu-uh, can't give no discounts," she says gruffly before turning back to whatever she was doing.

Now, there are ways to talk to customers. That is not one of them. She said it in a way that implied that we were horrible people even for asking. So I complained about her loudly on our way out of the store. Ma'am, I worked in customer service for nearly two years, you can say those kinds of things without being a complete bitch. I understand your job sucks, but that's not my fault. Calm the fuck down.

People are disappointing me in a big way this week. So, for some happy time, listen to my new favorite song, Conor Oberst's "NYC --- Gone, Gone". Dance around, it'll make you feel better.


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