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Josh Ritter sent me a postcard.

Just because he's made of awesome like that.


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I suppose while I'm here I should finally review the Girlyman show we saw last Saturday. Again, I had been having stomach problems pretty much the entire day, and by the time we left to go over to Mississippi studios, I was only about half-functional.

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Girlyman is playing Mississippi Studios on April 14th, which is my mother's birthday, and I've spent the last month or so browbeating my parents into agreeing to go. There was a lot of hemming and hawing because my folks are not concert people (I wouldn't even call them music people), but tonight I played "This is Me" while cleaning up after dinner and my Mom asked if we could still get tickets. :) Heh. Yeah. A good harmony will always make her crack. In conclusion, we're going. They will enjoy themselves. Really, they just need to give these things a chance.

ETA: Through to Sunrise is currently my favorite song off their new album, but the only place I can listen to it is on myspace. Booo.....

Keep the faith, don't toe the line, and watch it through your two eyes
Leave the light still on inside and watch it through to sunrise
Leave the fight and go behind where all the stupid fear dies
Keep the light still on inside and watch it through to sunrise

ETA, pt 2: For those of you unfamiliar with Girlyman, you can listen to clips here. Seriously, Through to Sunrise. This is Me. Young James Dean. I Know Where You Are. Postcards from Mexico. The Shape I Found You In.


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