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If you don't vote, you don't get to bitch about the outcome.

sigh I am very concerned about the future of our country, and about the outcome of this election in particular. Reading statements from folks who are actually on a ballet somewhere that say stuff like "If I'm elected, my entire goal while in office will be to see Obama not get reelected" makes me so helplessly angry. Now, look, I'm not Obama's biggest cheerleader. He's made some good moves, he's made some bad moves, he hasn't explained his reasoning very well so the American public can't see the big picture towards which he operates. (He doesn't seem to get the fact that most Americans can only see about a foot in front of their own noses and are mostly focused on the contents of their own wallets.) But to publicly state that your whole purpose for running for office is to make sure that nothing gets done in the next two years is fucking criminal. Not only should these people not be elected, they should be arrested and possibly jailed for treason against their country. How dare you be so divisive when we're in real trouble as a nation. How dare you.

Bipartisan-ism is killing this country. It shouldn't be about who's in charge, it should be about doing the best for the American People, you know, the VOTING PUBLIC. I look at the state of our public schools, at my Aunt with Parkinson's and her husband with severe diabetes who are already benefiting from the healthcare bill championed by this administration and would be kind of screwed without it, at this 2.1 million dollar mansion that my republican essentially-tea-party bosses are building, and I despair for the possible results of today's election.

So please, whatever your belief system, whatever your feelings about the economy/gay marriage/the healthcare bill/abortion/taxes/*Republican Catch Phrase of the Day*/etc.: Vote. Vote because it's the only way for our small voices to be heard amongst all the bipartisan screaming. Vote your conscience and vote for whoever you believe will actually make a difference instead of just gumming up the wheels of our flailing "democracy."


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