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Happy Rally to Restore Sanity Day! Although I am unable to be in Washington this weekend to lend my indoor voice to the proceedings, I can dedicate today's OSaD to the occasion.

The song for today is the only song I know of that's been written about Stephen Colbert. It is so damn catchy you'll find yourself singing it, oh, pretty much all the time.

"Stephen Stephen" by The Apples in Stereo
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In less awesome news, with all my standing around on concrete at work and long-walk taking from yesterday, I seem to have messed up my left knee badly enough that I'm having big trouble going up and down stairs. :( It would be funny if it didn't hurt so much. No running for me today, I see.

Finally, I want to write a review about last night's episode of Supernatural (which was significantly better than 6x05), but I don't have the time. Maybe tomorrow.
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Happy Johnny Flynn American release day!! \o/ I was going to post something from the new album tonight, but I wanted to listen to it all the way through first and this was more important anyway.

I listened to a lot of Heather Nova when I was in college. I was particularly fond of her album South. This song of hers popped up on my iPod today and I just had to smile. I've been doing a little too much introspection lately, and I've been letting societal norms/expectations get me down. This is my "time-out" song, my reminder that, hey, the folks who aren't following the prescribed path of their contemporaries are usually the most interesting people, and I should be happy because I'm not tied down by anything in this life.

"Virus of the Mind" by Heather Nova
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A little drunk from dinner tonight and so nothing of importance to say. Oh, there was this very sweet looking young man who dropped off bagels at our office this morning. He & his partner wanted to talk to my boss who is at a trade show, so I got to talk to them instead, unfortunately I was wearing my zombie shirt and my computer glasses and my hair was all frizzy. *sigh* Isn't that always the way? Anyway.

When people think of Joan Osborne, most folks think of the slightly annoying chart-topper, "What if God was One of Us." Relish, the album that song appears on, is chock-full of some amazing tracks. One of my favorites is "Dracula Moon." This has been a Supernatural song for me for a long, long time and I get the feeling from the preview for the episode for this week that it is particularly fitting.

"Dracula Moon" by Joan Osborne
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(psst - [personal profile] dissonant_dream, we need to talk about this song)
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From the age of nine until I graduated from college, I sang in one choir or another. I had a particularly good high school choral experience the unfortunately ruined me for everything that came after. My collegiate choir was pretty meh, a fact I was reminded of this past weekend while listening to recordings from my four year stint in their ranks, and I haven't sung in an organized group since. One of the questions people who haven't seen me in a while ask these days is "Are you singing anywhere?" No, I'm not, and this past weekend I think I realized why that is. It's not just that I'm uninterested in the local choirs available to me here, it's also that I'm no longer a soprano. Soprano is not only the section in which I feel most comfortable and secure, it's also the harmonic bit of classical music I enjoy the most. Additionally, I'm not musically gifted enough to sing alto.

So I will just have to appease my inner choral groupie by listening to classical choral music performed by others. Last year I think I talked a bit about Stile Antico and their album Song of Songs and so that's who I choose to offer today. This is a rendition of Song of Songs chapter 7, verses 11-12 composed by Orlande de Lassus and performed by the mixed chorus known as Stile Antico.

"Veni, dilecte mi" by Stile Antico
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Additionally, thank you [personal profile] dissonant_dream for the yorkie. ♥
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An hour and a half before the ball drops here on the West Coast, but I'm heading to bed. New Year's always leaves me more than a little depressed, although plowing through four episodes of first season Leverage with Bergie definitely helped. For the most part, 2009 was good to me and I hope that I can make 2010 even better.

I'll leave you with two renditions of my two favorite New Year's Eve songs. :)

"Auld Lang Syne"
Artist: John Fahey
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Artists: Sara Mareilles, Jim Bianco, Cary Brothers, Buddy, Holy Conlan, Marie Digby, Katie Herzig, Jesca Hoop, Laura Jansen, Tim Jones, Greg Laswell, Lenka, Anya Marina, Jonah Matranga, INgrid Michaelson, Meiko, Joshua Radin and Butch Walker
(this rendition makes me cry)
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"What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"

Artist: Diana Krall
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Artist: Rufus Wainwright
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I'm combining my entries tonight, for sleeps sake.

Song of the day is Hole's "Celebrity Skin" from the 1998 album of the same name. I was obsessed with this cd for a few months in high school, probably because in my brain I equated it with BtVS. *shrug* I chose it for the song of the day because "CElebrity Skin" was the original title for SPN 5x05, and I really really really think they should've stuck with it, and not only because it's sung by another questionably talented trashy blond. I think the title fits better with the actual themes of the episode and the "monster of the week."

"Celebrity Skin"
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In terms of the episode itself, cut for spoilers )

Possibly going to Wordstock with [info - personal] chlorate on Saturday, which would be awesome. In other news, my knees are still aching like you wouldn't believe. It became difficult to walk by the time I got home tonight, and driving was slightly torturous. Eeesh. Okay, bedtime.
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"Let us leave pretty women to men with no imagination."
(Marcel Proust)

Amen. And with that, have a good weekend everyone. :)


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