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Today is my sister's 25th birthday. Today is also the birthday of my absolute Favorite, one Mr. Josh Ritter. You've all heard me talk about him before, so I'll just say that he's one of the greatest lyricists recording today, the most engaging performer I've had the pleasure of seeing, and no one on this earth makes me happier. He's playing up in Spokane in a few weeks and I am heartsick that I probably won't be able to make it. It saddens me that he doesn't make to Portland as often as he used to.

I'm putting up two again tonight; the first, "Another New World", is one of my favorite tracks from his most recent release So Runs the World Away. It is also maybe the saddest song I've heard in years. Makes my heart hurt to listen to it, but I can't help it because the images are so beautiful. This particular version is the solo Daytrotter acoustic recording.

Second, I'm putting up a live recording of him covering Bruce Springsteen's "The River". He is a huge Springsteen fan and usually performs this at his acoustic shows. ♥

"Another New World" by Josh Ritter
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"The River" Bruce Springing cover by Josh Ritter
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Okay, Josh. Now you just have to announce your 2011 United Kingdom tour so that [personal profile] dissonant_dream can finally make true on the promise you made me last summer. \o/
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It just wouldn't be the October song a day if I didn't share some Josh Ritter. If you don't already know the depth of my love for Mr. Ritter (even during times like these when he refuses to reward it himself, thus rendering me an embittered and sad shell of my former self), then you haven't been here that long. ;) I'm gonna share two tonight; the first is one of my favorite love songs (by any artist). It's from his first, self-titled album, which until a couple of years ago was more difficult to find. The poetry of this song never fails to make me feel at home.

"Potter's Wheel"
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This second is from the Snow is Gone! ep that friend and fellow Josh Enthusiast [ profile] dissonant_dream sent to me for Christmas (or my birthday....) last year. It's a duet with Sarah Harmer, another artist whom I've loved for quite awhile now. I think their voices and styles and well suited to one another and I'd love to see them collaborate more in the future.

"Long May You Run"
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Josh Ritter, I want you so badly it hurts me inside.

For those of you who don't know, Josh has recently released a deluxe edition of his studio album Golden Age of Radio (arguably my favorite Josh disc) with a bonus disc of him performing the entire album solo acoustic. Anyone who was privileged to see Josh on his solo US tour a few years ago will already know what a delight this is. Sure, his work with the band is great, and "Rumors" and "To the Dogs or Whoever" and "Lillian, Egypt" wouldn't be nearly as awesome solo, but the stuff on GAoR is amazing when it's paired down like this.

I've been waiting to listen to this record for a couple of days now, but I took a sneak peek while uploading it to my iPod for the trip. I am now sitting here at the computer, tears rolling down my cheeks, because of this song.

"Come and Find Me" --- Josh Ritter, solo acoustic (yousendit link, m4a format)

It's so echo-y and ghostly and perfect. Oh Josh, nothing moves me like you do. Now just come back to Oregon already, goddamnit.
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An easy one tonight, because I had an awful day.

If you've ever met me or talked with me for any length of time, you know how I feel about Josh Ritter. Josh is one of my favorite people on the planet; I fangirl him more than anyone else. Years ago I read an interview he gave to Paste magazine where he discussed how he'd basically invented his own major at University. He didn't want to be a straight music major since he didn't like theory, so he instead created a major titled something like "The History of America as told through Folk Music" or something like along those lines. This not only allowed him to explore music, literature and history at home, but he spent a semester (year?) traveling around the UK learning the history and lore behind the folk songs that traveled overseas to end up in America. Basically, he did what I was always too afraid to do, and for that I both envy and adore him.

Josh is the nicest "famous" person I have ever met. He's extremely well read and curious and his music has saved my life in a very literal way. I cannot say enough how much of a difference he's made to my life, and there has yet to be an artist or a band who has touched me as deeply.

These two songs are from a live album released only in the UK I believe (thanks again, [ profile] dissonant_dream!! *giant josh hugs*), and they were both originally released on his latest album, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter.

"Mind's Eye" by Josh Ritter, Live at the 9:30 Club

"Wildfires" by Josh Ritter, Live at the 9:30 Club
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This is the only song worth listening to at the moment.

Best for the Best

And live: Best for the Best (live at Vicar St. 2006)

(mp3 format, yousendit)

This coming October one year will have passed since Josh played Portland. I miss him and want him to come home.
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"I want to have Josh Ritter's babies." --- Random Guy outside after the show

That pretty much sums it up right there. Better review tomorrow, complete with stories, quotes, and anti-baby-saving karma.

p.s. My dad's got an 8:30am flight home. I suspect he may have spent last night in the airport. :( On the plus side, he'll be out of SoCal soon. My thoughts are with all you residing south. I hope you are well & safe.
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This morning [ profile] lunar8i8star was kind enough to point me towards Josh's website, where they've now put up clips from the upcoming album (as well as two full length tracks).

Stream clips from Josh Ritter's upcoming Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter

Early favorites (beside ToA) are "Rumors," "Right Moves," "Open Doors," "Real Long Distance," and "Still Beating." The new album is like a weird mix of M.Ward, Belle & Sebastian, Leonard Cohen, Dylan, and classic Josh. Quite different from his earlier stuff, but so far completely enjoyable. :) August feels very far away.

/Josh Spam

eta: the best thing is if you listen to "rumors" on a loop while watching my mood icon, because it works! :D *loves*


Jul. 20th, 2007 07:32 am
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Josh released his tour dates for this years adventure. October 22nd, Aladdin theater. *calendars*

Would love to also attend the one on October 7th in Boise, but I don't think that's feasible at the moment.

Boooo Harry Potter day of crap....HooRAY, JOSH! /nerd
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Josh's new album drops August 21st. :) *crosses fingers for a Winter Portland/Eugene show combo*

Announcement )
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Josh Ritter sent me a postcard.

Just because he's made of awesome like that.


scan behind here )

I suppose while I'm here I should finally review the Girlyman show we saw last Saturday. Again, I had been having stomach problems pretty much the entire day, and by the time we left to go over to Mississippi studios, I was only about half-functional.

Aaaannnnddd the cut, 'cause I'll probably ramble. )
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I'm going to fangirl here for a moment. But only a moment, as it's after midnight and I need to go to bed. Josh Ritter. I love this man more than I probably should. Tomorrow I'll put up a full show review (both for Saturday and tonight) but I just have to flail about this for now. :)

Tonights conversation with Josh and the lovely note he wrote in my journal )
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I know you often find yourself asking this question:

"Is Deborah lame/awesome enough to have made, written and mailed a Christmas Card to Josh Ritter in which she requests that he play 'Lawrence, Kansas' and/or 'Bone of Song' when he comes back to the Aladdin in February?"

The answer, my friends, is yes. December makes me stupid. But it'll be awesome if he actually does it. Yes. I love Josh.

ETA: Someday Cute Waiter Guy at Big River will realize that he's meant to give me beautiful, beautiful babies. He knows my drink order and my usual dinner order. He's ridiculously good looking and can speak knowledgeably about wine with my folks. He told me I should go up to the winery by Enchanted Forest this summer and do the Grape Stomp they have every year. He shall be mine. *sigh* Seriously, Global Orgasm Day.
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So here’s the full report of last night’s concert experience. It was by far one of the better one’s I’ve had.

In which our heroine travels far to listen to good music, make new friends, and meets a hero )

ETA: The Aladdin theater has a really good write-up of Josh and his music here. Also, for those of you in the area, yeah? Saturday February 24th. Bergie might be coming. You all should come, too. I'll be buying tickets as soon as I hear one way or the other from Katie. I can pick yours up as well if you let me know (I'll make an announcement before I buy).
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This evenings Josh Ritter experience summed up in two words that will only mean something to some of you:

Kelsey. Hug.

Now I'm going to go try and chase down Flannery and then go to bed. Full update probably tomorrow, with full use of exclamation points and the word "psyched!" :)
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Everyone cross your fingers and pray that I won two free tickets to the Josh Ritter show tomorrow night.

I mean, I already have a ticket, but two free one's would be nice as well. Then I might actually be able to convince someone to go with me. :)


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