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Jul. 23rd, 2009 07:59 am
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Something I forgot last night....

Some of you know I've been redoing my room this summer. It's almost entirely done and once I get the new bed in there, I'll post pictures. Right now I'm deciding what's going to go up on the walls. Originally I was considering the gorgeous poster of A Midsummer Night's Dream that I bought in Ashland a few years ago, but it's going to cost an arm and a leg to get it framed, and I think it would look better out by the bookshelves in the hallway.

Yesterday I ordered this poster from Josh Ritter's website, and I'm so excited to get it framed and up on the wall. It will be perfect right over my dresser. :)

Josh Ritter's graphic design artist makes me happy )
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A new segment to my journal documenting the ridiculous love affair betwixt my nemesis, The Douchebag Across the Street, and his insanely noisy, gas-powered leaf blower.


And so it begins.
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Here are the stragglers. :)

In all the black, in all the grief, I am redeemed… )
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Yesterday my mother turned 61, and we went up to Portland to celebrate. I've been dealing with car sickness/stomach problems for the last two days and I'm exhausted. In lieu of an actual update/Girlyman concert review (I'll try and do that tomorrow), I give you photos from the trip as well as a few from the last few weeks. Awhile ago I asked if anyone wanted me to take pictures of anything with my new camera; those are here as well.

Sometimes your heart bursts at its seams )

Now I've got to go find some food and then maybe I'll just crash for the evening. I'll babble about the rest of the trip and the Girlyman show at another time. Hope everyone had a great weekend. :)
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So I finally figured out what was wrong with my ipod. When they say 40GB, what they really mean in 37.11GB. Anything above that, and it's going to freak out and tell you that omgyouhavenomoreroom. So I deleted a few things, and for the past two hours my ipod has been reloading all 10,885 songs in my itunes. Currently on song number 8,032 which is "Easy Lover" by Spain, for those who are interested. Anyway.

Last night [ profile] lunar8i8star, [ profile] wintercreek and I went out to celebrate Valentine's day. We got ridiculously dressed up and went to dinner, which makes us either crazy or awesome. :) Anyway, here's the photo documentation of last night.

mama says that God looks out for every single skinny sheep )

I got my photoshop book and Girlyman CD today. *does little dance* That book is so cool. I don't have the time right now what with the basement brouhaha, but someday soon I'm just going to lock myself in the study and fiddle for hours.

But I'm hungry and the nation's in gridlock.
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I had trepidations regarding today due to the random and upsetting night I had yesterday, but today's trip to the coast went much better than I had expected. Left the house around 8:30 and drove the hour and a half to the coast with [ profile] wintercreek, [ profile] lunar8i8star and [ profile] belle_fureur. We reached Lincoln City about ten-ish, where we all spent way too much money on clothing. However, I did find not only the most ridiculously comfortable sleep socks, but a new pair of pjs as well. I am a winner.

Ate lunch at the Spouting Horn in Depoe Bay, which is a quality establishment, and then ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the huge waves crashing up onto the sidewalk. It was a pretty nasty day, weather-wise, but that made for some spectacular sea viewing. The following are some shots I took today.

it's chilling, the things I let you miss )

All in all, the day was a success. Tonight...that's a bit of a different story.

nothing's right, I know nothing's right )
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Be prepared, lots of trees. But there's a sunrise in there as well.

don't the hours grow shorter as the days go by? )
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More of the fall festival, my hometown, and my animals )

Just me playing around.
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It's the Fall Festival, which means that the local and nearby artists are out in droves, there's good music, good times, and I spend too much money. Here are some pictures from today, including my purchases and my cats.

play with fire, get your fingers burned )
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This is one of the reasons why, no matter where I may end up living, Oregon will always be home.

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