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Here are the stragglers. :)

In all the black, in all the grief, I am redeemed… )
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Yesterday my mother turned 61, and we went up to Portland to celebrate. I've been dealing with car sickness/stomach problems for the last two days and I'm exhausted. In lieu of an actual update/Girlyman concert review (I'll try and do that tomorrow), I give you photos from the trip as well as a few from the last few weeks. Awhile ago I asked if anyone wanted me to take pictures of anything with my new camera; those are here as well.

Sometimes your heart bursts at its seams )

Now I've got to go find some food and then maybe I'll just crash for the evening. I'll babble about the rest of the trip and the Girlyman show at another time. Hope everyone had a great weekend. :)
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Do I go see Regina Spektor at the Crystal Ballroom in October, or do I fly down and see her with [ profile] belle_fureur at the Fillmore?

Concern #1: Money. I don't really have enough for a plane ticket.

Concern #2: Time.

Reason to go #1: Katie is the only person I know who is as in love with Regina as I am. Seeing the concert with her would be the highlight of the month, possibly of the season.

Reason to go #2: If I don't get away from this place soon, I may have some sort of violent breakdown.

Aaaahhhh, I hate these decisions.

In other news, I did not end up going to the pirate festival because they wanted to charge me $15 just to get inside. That was not money I was willing to spend. Instead, I went down to the fall festival and bought an overpriced but beautiful bag. Then I made a frivolous and spontaneous trip up to Portland with [ profile] lunar8i8star to eat dinner (yum, sour apple margaritas) and see Haven ("Why is there all this traffic?" "Everyone's trying to carpe Orlando's diem." "I'll carpe Orlando's diem!"), which then prompted me to read [ profile] jasminskie's fic Scars again once I got home.

I'm going back to the festival this afternoon after library workage, possibly to buy some overpriced but beautiful jewelry, and then I'm going to call Katie and angst about my inability to see Regina with her. It will be a costly, but mostly satisfying weekend.


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