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To be completely honest, I'm just about burned out on "boy-with-guitar" musical acts. They were fun and cute back when Jason Mraz was first coming on the scene, but we've reached a saturation point. Now they have to have something different to catch my attention be it lyrics or style or both.

Eric Hutchinson is not primarily "boy-with-guitar" but he still feels like a breath of fresh air for the genre. He's like the caffeinated love-child of Jason Mraz and Jamie Cullum. Yes, I stand by that.

I have to say, I prefer his live album to the studio cut. Let's face it, I chose this song pretty much entirely for the talking at the end. One day I hope to see him live.

"Outside Villanova" by Eric Hutchinson
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Nickel Creek = still my favorite band.

The crowd last night at the Roseland = crap.

[ profile] lunar8i8star and I were trying to suss out last night why audience members these days seem to think it's all right to talk through not just an opening act, but the entire concert. Hi, college chicks with the beer three rows behind us, maybe you have $30 you're able to spend just to go somewhere noisy and have shouting conversations with your friends. I do not. This is the whole reason that BARS exist. It seems to be a younger generation thing. I didn't notice that level of rudeness until I went to see Imogen Heap at the Crystal last winter. I was up in the balcony and couldn't even hear the opening act (who was actually pretty damn good) because of the noise. It's like talking in the movie theater. Bad form.

Anyway. Jon Brion opened last night. I'm not sure how I feel about him, to be honest. He's a multiple instrument musician, which I appreciate, and he plays a mean honky-tonk piano. Vocally and lyrically, I was not impressed. His best numbers were the ones he played with Chris Thile. They had a nice dueling banjos-dance contest thing going. The synchronized jumping was my favorite part.

Randomly, I suspect that Sean, like us, is too old for this shit. He was an extra special level of cranky last night. Usually he just stays over on his side (left side, his pov) of the stage, rocks his guitar. On the rare occasion he'll smile or make a little side comment. Mostly he keeps Sara & Chris from turning the show into some sort of stand-up vaudeville routine. Last night there was this giant orb of hostility around Sean. It culminated in a snarky comment towards the audience which created a long moment of awkwardness that Sara & Chris were only partially successful at tempering.

My favorite non-musical moment was when some guy in the balcony shouted "I LOVE YOU, SARA!" and Chris mock-glared our direction and said "Back off, man." (Sara/Chris is one my OTPs. Don't ask.)

The NC show itself. I have mixed feelings. It was pretty much the same set they used all last year (notable missing song: the cover of Toxic), so I was almost overly familiar with it. I think the highlight of the evening was Chris' new song, "If You're Going to Leave Me (Set Me Up With One of Your Friends)." Yeah, that was awesome. As was the Radiohead cover.

The real strength of any Nickel Creek show is the jam session. At least two or three of their instrumental songs always evolves into something great and often unexpected. The most notable example was the first NC show I ever attended: they played "Lighthouse's Tale" with two extra songs thrown in the middle: Wilco's "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" followed by the most amazing cover of Coldplay's "Yellow" I've ever heard. They usually do this kind of thing with "Smoothie Song," "House of Tom Bombadil" and "Scotch & Chocolate." Last night they really didn't do any song blending, at least not to the degree to which I've become accustomed. I missed it and silently mourned its absence.

The highlights of the show for me were "Ode to a Butterfly" which is the song that truly made me fall in love with that band, and "Lighthouse's Tale" which is always the most moving and intense (the last few years they've been doing an instrumental break in it that's always breathtaking). Another high point was the slightly paired down version of "House Carpenter." In an interesting twist, they played "The Fox" at the beginning of the show, and twisted the melody just enough to make it off-putting. Nicely done, folks.

The concert was long, the encore was very short, and everyone seemed tired. I think they're very ready to take a break. While they didn't go out on a bang, it was a solid Nickel Creek performance, and I wish them the best with the end of their Farewell (for now) tour.
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Concert went much better than I had expected. The auditorium was pretty full, but I didn't see a single person I knew. Not too terribly strange, I suppose. Anyway, here are my thoughts such as they are. :)

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Sorrow drips into your heart through a pinhole
Just like a faucet that leaks, and there is comfort in the sound
But while you debate half empty or half full
It slowly rises, your love is gonna drown
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I had trepidations regarding today due to the random and upsetting night I had yesterday, but today's trip to the coast went much better than I had expected. Left the house around 8:30 and drove the hour and a half to the coast with [ profile] wintercreek, [ profile] lunar8i8star and [ profile] belle_fureur. We reached Lincoln City about ten-ish, where we all spent way too much money on clothing. However, I did find not only the most ridiculously comfortable sleep socks, but a new pair of pjs as well. I am a winner.

Ate lunch at the Spouting Horn in Depoe Bay, which is a quality establishment, and then ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the huge waves crashing up onto the sidewalk. It was a pretty nasty day, weather-wise, but that made for some spectacular sea viewing. The following are some shots I took today.

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All in all, the day was a success. Tonight...that's a bit of a different story.

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That didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. All right.
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Things are looking better for the moment, which I suppose is all anyone can say. [ profile] sifaka, I was sorry to learn about your great-aunt. :*( I hope your trip is safe and that this allows your family some peace.

And for those of you who are just here for what I can give you, behold:
The Art of Virtue - Adrienne Young & Little Sadie
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