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An easy one tonight, because I had an awful day.

If you've ever met me or talked with me for any length of time, you know how I feel about Josh Ritter. Josh is one of my favorite people on the planet; I fangirl him more than anyone else. Years ago I read an interview he gave to Paste magazine where he discussed how he'd basically invented his own major at University. He didn't want to be a straight music major since he didn't like theory, so he instead created a major titled something like "The History of America as told through Folk Music" or something like along those lines. This not only allowed him to explore music, literature and history at home, but he spent a semester (year?) traveling around the UK learning the history and lore behind the folk songs that traveled overseas to end up in America. Basically, he did what I was always too afraid to do, and for that I both envy and adore him.

Josh is the nicest "famous" person I have ever met. He's extremely well read and curious and his music has saved my life in a very literal way. I cannot say enough how much of a difference he's made to my life, and there has yet to be an artist or a band who has touched me as deeply.

These two songs are from a live album released only in the UK I believe (thanks again, [ profile] dissonant_dream!! *giant josh hugs*), and they were both originally released on his latest album, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter.

"Mind's Eye" by Josh Ritter, Live at the 9:30 Club

"Wildfires" by Josh Ritter, Live at the 9:30 Club


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