Oct. 17th, 2006

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I don't listen to the radio anymore, so I never know who people have heard. I randomly came across Alexi Murdoch's album Time Without Consequence on iTunes and ended up buying it at Freddys a few days later. If you like Nick Drake, or Jack Johnson, or even acoustic Jason Mraz, you'll probably like this album. My personal favorite is "Orange Sky."

ETA: Also, if you are in the Portland area this time next month you should come on down to Mississippi Studios and catch Tracy Grammer & Jim Henry's show. I had the privilege of seeing them a year ago at the Sisters folk festival, and Tracy is one of those amazing artists who thrives in smaller venues. She's been hailed as one of the "purest performers in [modern] folk music" and Dave Carter's lyrics are not to be missed. I just bought my ticket, and you should too.

Still can't get Adrienne Young & little Sadie tickets online. Perhaps it's God telling me I don't need to go to another show. Counting Tracy and Imogen in December, that brings the grand total to something like 10. Ouch.
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Everyone cross your fingers and pray that I won two free tickets to the Josh Ritter show tomorrow night.

I mean, I already have a ticket, but two free one's would be nice as well. Then I might actually be able to convince someone to go with me. :)


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