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Josh Ritter sent me a postcard.

Just because he's made of awesome like that.


Some of you may remember that I made and mailed a holiday card to Josh back in December (he came through Portland/Eugene again in February). In said card I did the babbling thing about his music and his general awesomeness, and then I requested that he play either "Lawrence, KS" or "Bone of Song" when he came through again. He played neither, but he did introduce us to the new one ("The Temptation of Adam") which more than made up for it.

Anyway. Post-cardage.

The home state

The awesomeness that is Josh Ritter

ETA: WTF, he mailed it from Portland? Is Josh in Portland? /spaz More likely Doug mailed it from Portland.

At first I was like "who would send me an Oregon postcard? That's just silly." My second question was "who did I write a letter to?" It was confusing. :P My favorite thing is that he signed it "Rock!" I am just a big bucket of squee for this man, guys.

I suppose while I'm here I should finally review the Girlyman show we saw last Saturday. Again, I had been having stomach problems pretty much the entire day, and by the time we left to go over to Mississippi studios, I was only about half-functional.

We made it across the river and to the studio about 6pm and walked around for a bit. It was the first time my folks have been to M.S., and my Mom said that she thought they were the oldest people there. I'd agree. Girlyman has a pretty specific core audience and my parents don't really fit the demographic. :)

We went in and grabbed some pretty decent seats in the third row. Chris Pureka was the opening act, and my father spent the entire evening convinced that she was a man. Awesome. Chris sounds a lot like Melissa Etheridge, but acoustic. Some of the songs seemed to go on interminably, but I enjoyed her set, particularly "Silo Song" and "Dryland." She seemed nervous at first, which is understandable seeing as the first row was literally right in front of her. I can imagine it's an intimidating space to perform in. Eventually though she loosened up a bit, and she has a dry sense of humor that I appreciated.

After Chris' set, we waited another fifteen minutes or so before Girlyman took the stage. As per usual, Nate was wearing more make-up than I was, and sporting his fuzzy pink guitar strap. *loves*

Now, I've loved Girlyman since I saw them open for Dar Williams a few years ago. I love their albums, and I thought they were amazing when they played the Aladdin. Perhaps my expectations were too high for this show, but it didn't seem to go very well. In talking with my folks later I pondered whether or not this had to do with the venue. I think they're used to playing larger places, and that may have had something to do with it. The balance was off; the great strength of their music is in the vocals, and they needed to lower the amp on the instruments. I don't know if this was towards the beginning of the tour, but they Like maybe they hadn't played together for awhile. Ty appeared to be holding back, and often they all seemed like they weren't quite sure about the harmonies. "I Know Where You Are" was particularly shaky, which was disappointing as it's one of my all time favorite GMan songs.

The highlights included "Viola" (played on request), "Joyful Sign" (my parent's fave), and "Through Till Sunrise" (which was the audience clapping song for the evening). They also performed "Reva Thereafter" and Nate told the story about his grandmother who was the inspiration for the song. Said grandmother had heard a buzzing noise in her house for about an hour and she searched everywhere trying to find the source. Eventually she called the fire department to come check everything out.

"And they went into my bedroom and opened the drawer by my bed....and it was my VIBRATOR! That I use to MASTERBATE WITH!"

Yeah, common story, but watching Nate imitate an elderly woman was hilarious.

They also played three audience participation songs; an acoustic cover of "Rock Me, Amadeus" originally by Falco, an original song that Nate made up one night while driving called "Moose in the Road" ("If we hit a deer, I think we'd survive, but I don't wanna see no moose in the road..." etc.), and a backwards version of "Wild Thing" ("Thing wild...sing heart my make you. Groovy everything make you. Thing wild.") Seriously, trying singing it backwards. It's hard.

Anyway, it was fun, even if not exactly what I'd hoped for. I'm just so glad they played "Through Till Sunrise" as it's become the theme of this spring.

And now I have to go make dinner. (T minus 4hr...ish).

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Date: 2007-04-21 09:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow! How awesome is that, he sent you a postcard! Cool!

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Date: 2007-04-21 04:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
:) I really am the biggest geek over the guy. He's just an awesome person. Wheee!


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