Oct. 21st, 2010

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Today is my sister's 25th birthday. Today is also the birthday of my absolute Favorite, one Mr. Josh Ritter. You've all heard me talk about him before, so I'll just say that he's one of the greatest lyricists recording today, the most engaging performer I've had the pleasure of seeing, and no one on this earth makes me happier. He's playing up in Spokane in a few weeks and I am heartsick that I probably won't be able to make it. It saddens me that he doesn't make to Portland as often as he used to.

I'm putting up two again tonight; the first, "Another New World", is one of my favorite tracks from his most recent release So Runs the World Away. It is also maybe the saddest song I've heard in years. Makes my heart hurt to listen to it, but I can't help it because the images are so beautiful. This particular version is the solo Daytrotter acoustic recording.

Second, I'm putting up a live recording of him covering Bruce Springsteen's "The River". He is a huge Springsteen fan and usually performs this at his acoustic shows. ♥

"Another New World" by Josh Ritter
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"The River" Bruce Springing cover by Josh Ritter
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Okay, Josh. Now you just have to announce your 2011 United Kingdom tour so that [personal profile] dissonant_dream can finally make true on the promise you made me last summer. \o/


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