Oct. 31st, 2007 08:56 am
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A very happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] nevernilien! I hope you're having a great day! :D

And I wish the rest of you a Happy (& Safe) Halloween.

In honor of the occasion, I give you Zombie by Nellie McKay
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A very happy birthday to hetero-lifemate [livejournal.com profile] lunar8i8star!! I hope your day is filled with Josh, and sprinkles, and crystal clear raisins! :D *hugs*
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Who just scored the last ticket to the supa-sekrit Martha Scanlan house concert in August?

It's me! It's me!

That almost makes up for my crap-fest of a weekend.
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Josh Ritter sent me a postcard.

Just because he's made of awesome like that.


scan behind here )

I suppose while I'm here I should finally review the Girlyman show we saw last Saturday. Again, I had been having stomach problems pretty much the entire day, and by the time we left to go over to Mississippi studios, I was only about half-functional.

Aaaannnnddd the cut, 'cause I'll probably ramble. )
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I'm going to fangirl here for a moment. But only a moment, as it's after midnight and I need to go to bed. Josh Ritter. I love this man more than I probably should. Tomorrow I'll put up a full show review (both for Saturday and tonight) but I just have to flail about this for now. :)

Tonights conversation with Josh and the lovely note he wrote in my journal )
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Front and center for Dar Williams Feb. 2nd show at the local high school. Score!

And [livejournal.com profile] dissonant_dream has slaughtered me with ice cream fic.

Best day ever. *basks*


Dec. 28th, 2006 10:28 am
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Tickets have been booked.

May = England, ho!

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I have a new favorite venue. It is Mississippi Studios.

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So here’s the full report of last night’s concert experience. It was by far one of the better one’s I’ve had.

In which our heroine travels far to listen to good music, make new friends, and meets a hero )

ETA: The Aladdin theater has a really good write-up of Josh and his music here. Also, for those of you in the area, yeah? Saturday February 24th. Bergie might be coming. You all should come, too. I'll be buying tickets as soon as I hear one way or the other from Katie. I can pick yours up as well if you let me know (I'll make an announcement before I buy).
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This evenings Josh Ritter experience summed up in two words that will only mean something to some of you:

Kelsey. Hug.

Now I'm going to go try and chase down Flannery and then go to bed. Full update probably tomorrow, with full use of exclamation points and the word "psyched!" :)
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A very happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] lunar8i8star!!!

I hope you have a great day, despite having to go in to work. :D
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It's the Fall Festival, which means that the local and nearby artists are out in droves, there's good music, good times, and I spend too much money. Here are some pictures from today, including my purchases and my cats.

play with fire, get your fingers burned )
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my thesis is so bad i want to cry
on page 22 now...and the end is in sight, but kinda like it's on the edge of the horizon, and i'm standing on the seashore.
*sobs some more*
oh well. only three & 1/2 more hours to agonize.


Final Word Count: 6,871
Final Page Count: 22 1/4
Final Breakdown Count: Surprisingly, zero

How drunk am I going to be on Friday? Oh so very. *does the terrifying and awesome booty dance*

Unfortunately, I only have 11 pieces of paper at my disposal, so it's off to campus for me.


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